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Customized Controlled Release &
Microencapsulation Technologies

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What is Microencapsulation?

Microencapsulation is defined as the process of surrounding a gas,
liquid or solid with a membrane or within a matrix. Lipo Technologies
practices many techniques to create the perfect microcapsule for your
application. Both core/shell and matrix type encapsulation systems
are available.

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Why Use Microcapsulation Technology?

Are there materials that you would like to work
with but cannot due to an incompatible issue?

Our technology can help you to put these incompatible
materials together in the same formulation.

Do you work with materials that are unstable,
are prone to oxidation or are volatile?

Our technology can help to protect these materials so
that they are there when you need them.

Do you have materials that you would
like to control the release of?

We can help you to get a controlled
release or to release material on demand
with a trigger such as mechanical shear,
pH, temperature, moisture, diffusion,
dissolution, etc.

We can create Smart products

Do you work with materials that are difficult to handle due to high viscosity or liquids that you
would prefer to have in a solid form?

We can provide you with a free flowing powder or another easier to use form or change the particle
size of the material.

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Who Are We & What Do We Do?

Lipo Technologies provides custom Microencapsulation & Controlled Release Delivery Systems

We serve a wide variety of industries including:

Cosmetic/Personal Care
Food Grade
Industrial - Adhesives & Catalysts, Lubricants, Coatings, & many more

We are Growing & Expanding our Capabilities

Contact us to discuss a custom designed delivery system to meet your needs

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What sets Lipo Technologies apart is our Versatility. We practice a wide variety of techniques and technologies to Custom Design the best microencapsulation / controlled release delivery system for your unique project. We use the Experience and Knowledge we’ve gained over the last two decades and apply it toward meeting your end goal of Product Improvement, Process Improvement and Increased Efficiency.


Microencapsulation is both an art and a science. There’s no ONE way to do it, and each new application provides a fresh challenge. Solving these riddles requires experience, skill and the mastery of many different technologies.

Our Development Process begins by speaking with you about your needs to determine if our technologies will be a good solution. We will then work closely with you to devise a scientific & creative process to meet your end goal. We take pride in being thorough during our discovery process to ensure maximum efficiency in product development.

Please contact us if you think our technology could benefit you. One of our Greatest Strengths is as a Solutions Provider. You know your industry far better than we ever will so help us help you to Create or Improve your products and processes.


Interest in learning more about Lipo Technologies encapsulation process? If so, please call (937) 264-1222 to speak with one of our product managers, or fill out our quick contact form.


Whether you want to add unique visual appeal or functionality to your product, microcapsules play an important role in the beauty and personal care industry. Let us show you how we can protect and deliver!

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Food Grade

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